Microsoft BI Technical Lead

Job Id: 2011- 41503
Location: Phoenix, AZ
End Date: 12/31/2011

Job Detail:
• to facilitate or oversee the initial conditions and intervie
process that is part of the first phase of a BI project
including the organization and / or facilitating requirements sessions
identification, prioritization and review of the scope of the project, the publication
requirements capture, tutorials and supervision requirements,
facilitate user acceptance and sign the final requirements.
• Defining high-ETL (Extract, Transfer and Load) architecture
Necessary for the project.
• Design the data model of the different data stores required for
project, including staging and data mart environment.
• Create multidimensional data model for both data repositories and
OLAP cubes are needed solution. Apply design patterns common
and best practices for the appropriate solution.
• Define the security architecture of the system, based on
taken to safety.
• Define the architecture of the reporting application,
two pre-build reports and reports of self-service
• Provide technical leadership, mentoring and team
• Promote the implementation of BI project work includes:

Working with project teams to provide information and assistance
design, development and manufacture of components
BI environment to work with business partners to manage
sequence of expectations and priorities for implementation and improvement
and support, providing a single point for managing components
introduced into the BI environment, using different components
Microsoft in the BI stack for implementing the BI system,
giving an overview on how to integrate UI components
BI solution on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007
and 2010 environments using Scrum and agile approach
Development, which defines the use of short sprints from time to box
provide frequent generations can be tested by stakeholders.
• Ensures compliance with quality standards and procedures.
• Modules for quality controls and monitors compliance
Standards for application architecture.
• Can help to define the development of guidelines and standards
used in software development and integration.
• technical management function in metadata standards for data
Qualifications: MySQL
Minimum age: 7
Requirements: Microsoft BI / DW
Minimum required Year: 7
Requirements: SharePoint
Minimum age requirement: 3
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