ORACLE DBA/ Matthews, NC

Location      :   Matthews, NC
Duration      :    6+ Months

Job Detail:
10 years of experience as an Oracle DBA
Admin security
performance tuning
Experience on a UNIX platform
Great COMMUNICATION is extremely important
Experience migrating 9i to 10g and 11g
AIX environment

SQL/ PL SQL Programming
Day to Day:
We need an Oracle DBA for contract work for specific Projects, but for longer Projects with lull
periods, the DBA could be leveraged for day-to-day admin/support tasks
A primary focus of the Projects is upgrading from Oracle 9i to 10g and/or 11g
An essential attribute of the person is excellent communication skills
An essential attribute of the person is the ability to reason, plan, and to deal with less than perfect
Specifically on the Upgrade Projects, I'm not just talking about doing the "change this parm to that,
and run the upgrade scripts".  They need to be able to provide a framework for the upgrade process
and convey the plan to all IS Teams which makes sense. 
Work Environment
They have about 15 Prod instances
About 10 of these are 9i, rest are 10g
Largest two are 1 to 1.3 TB
We run on AIX 5.3 and plan to go to AIX 6.1 in next year
Content us:
Direct: 203-813-2052
Fax: 203-971-8354


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