Consultant Corporate Social Responsibility ISLAMABAD

Job Detail:
Essential requirements:
- About 7 years (or more) years of professional experience
- Recent experience of the international organization or international NGO
O The recent experience of corporate social responsibility with a multinational company
- Recent experience in the development of the sector requires
- Experience in resource mobilization (donor funds) are required
- Experience in education preferred
Other Requirements / Preferences
- Grade (s) / Major (s): Master in Development Studies, Social Sciences
or a related field
At least 7 years of experience in program design and
level policy development in the education sector in general and
- Experience in managing development projects at the federal and provincial
- Demonstrated planning and execution of resource mobilization
development strategy
- Proven success ensure resources for development
living donor projects in Pakistan
- Well versed in strategic planning
- Experience working in the public sector, donors or the UN system
- Capacity of national and international network to provide examples
Best Practices for Employment
Position Purpose:
Responsible for identifying, implementing and maintaining internal control
and external programs and projects that will bring lasting benefits
Goal / community selected by the Trust.
Main responsibilities:
- Develop and implement detailed agreements between the company and all
prram partners of the Trust in collaboration with the Legal and
Purchasing Departments
- Teams will work only legal and financial set up a trust
- Liaison with NGO partners and partner agencies to implement government
effective program of three-party model
- Prepare work plan for the program
- Establish a program and monitoring and evaluation teams, representing
all stakeholders to document their functions and responsibilities
- Make sure the program runs efficiently by agreement
timelines and deliverables
- Participate in the planning and implementation of CSR strategy,
policies, programs and procedures
-This is a national business strategy, senior management
functions to drive the integration and
responsibility as a crucial element in business success
- Support for the team of CR to influence and inspire others to take
support actions and ensure wide corporate responsibility
- Represent the company in public forums to enhance hit
relations and corporate reputation
- Identify risks and opportunities for industry based on
stakeholder expectations and recommend mitigation measures and proactive
response strategies
internal working relationships:
- Work with, communicate, influence and build consensus among senior
leadership through the company to advance corporate citizenship
policies and programs
- Building a confidential report and internal liaison
and experts on corporate citizenship decision-making on issues
stakeholders that affect society and the reputation of all firms
(Managing the supply chain, stakeholder relations, environmental
business, etc., -)
external relations work:
- Strong Establish trusting relationships with key external stakeholders
such as donors, community groups, NGOs, politicians, media, etc.
- Build and maintain a healthy and cooperative peer
counterparts in other organizations to collect information useful
and share ideas on corporate citizenship
- Represent the company and maintain active participation in
well regarded professional organizations that focus on business
citizenshiFunctional skills and knowledge of the region:
- Strategic planner with all the skills to influence and lead. Creation
thinker who can review the business organization
- Experience working with complex and development / social issues
included as part of corporate citizenship - globalization,
resistance, multi-stakeholder partnerships, community participation,
human rights, sustainable management of the supply chain, climate change,
disaster management, etc.
- High degree of understanding and ability to conceptualize key
Stakeholder Relations
- The project management capabilities and equipment


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