] Head of Customer Service and Compliance, Lahore

Positioning: Lahore
Area: Development
Business type: Major International
Salary: RS is a 112K 175K - based on the credentials of the candidate
Note: Employment is required to travel to Pakistan
Duration: indefinite contract
- About 5 years (or more) of experience
- Recent experience in multinational companies (or similar) companies
- Customer Service Experience
-Call center experience
 Quality Assurance experience (ie experience with standards and processes)
Other requirements / preferences:
- At least 3 years experience in a management role, including
xperience directly managing people / teams.
- Techniques for solid customer service experience in an industry
(Services, Industrial and Consumer Goods, Telecom, etc.);
including management of service delivery and customer complaints.
- Experience in project management
- At least 1 years experience in quality control and / or revision of
systems and processes
- Experience working in / managing a call center
 Bachelor in Business, Management or equivalent
In a national role in contributing to the safe management and delivery
and examinations
Pakistan, ensuring that standard practices are in place
and monitored.
This post has a major role in the development and implementation of appropriate
Quality Assurance
processes and improvements in efficiency. The incumbent will play a
national role in helping innovations leading service organization and tests.
In addition, staff members provide strategic
leadership, organizational and operational management of the research team.
The main areas of responsibility and accountability
- To ensure that all examinations of the various systems and processes in Pakistan
standardized and implemented nationally.
- In order to have regular inspections of all systems tests
regions and ensure compliance and suggestions for improvement.
-larification and guidance
interpret and implement policies and systems review.
- To ensure that web pages conform to standards of environmental quality reviews to date and meet the
current and future customers' future needs
- To assist the organization in the management of all forms of outsourcing projects and new
Products and Services
development and implementation of a project as points of contact.
- Manage national re-inspection and quality assurance processes.
- To lead the organization in a way that gives excellent results
both internal and external customers and to ensure feedback
second level of investigation
anagement in line with company standards. Frequent travel to Karachi is crucial.
Context and Environment
- Maintain the integrity and security of test materials
and the process is
at the heart of the credibility of the examination of paintings and
important to have a more
a deeper meaning will probably be the largest operation of the exams through the network.
- The review activity is progressive and growing role
plays a key role
to help manage this growth effectively and efficiently
through soil
breaking product innovation, with emphasis on greater efficiency.
Organization is a key role in ensuring candidates for examinations
Sheep potential and actual
the highest levels of service quality. The incumbent
personal and direct
its activities in close cooperation with the Organization
Manager to maximize the use of
staff and services.
Frequent travel to Pakistan.
Key Reports
staff member working in a complex matrix management
and with a wide range
ernal customers, and the development of key business relationships
with external partners:
- With the Director of Business Development, Journal of Regional Administration
Examiners and supervisors
Web Development Director
- External partners present and future
- He / she will direct the supervisor and the organization works closely
with client teams
profiling and improved service.
- Be responsible
- Shaping the future
- Working Together
(All level requirements)
Skills and knowledge:
- Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively
a great team
- Good written and oral communication in English
- Strong IT
- ICT tools used to evaluate customer service and compliance
- Tools for Project Management
- At least 3 years experience in a management role, including
Experience directly managing people / teams.
- Techniques for solid customer service experience in an industry
(Services, Industrial or consumer);
services including customer relationship management and handling of complaints.
- Experience in project management
- Minimum 1 year experience in quality control and / or verification
systems and processes
- Some experience working / managing a call center environment
- Degree in Management or equivalent



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