Gender Trainings of Census Trainers - UN Women - Islamabad

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Call for proposals Sex lessons for women of the United Nations survey of trainers in collaboration with other UN agencies are committed to improving the visibility of women in national accounting standards and provide technical assistance to the organization Census · Call the 2011 census, one of the important steps is to strengthen the training component including through gender training of teachers for the census, therefore, women of the UN need to organize services a gender training for 950 days of the census of teachers in the provinces of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, in collaboration with the BCP. More than one organization will be selected with a focus on the provinces of detailed indicators were downloaded proposals for the wife of the United Nations site in the form of hard copies will be received by the Director of Operations; UN women in Pakistan proposal on e-mails not be acceptable

Organizations must submit their proposals by the COB 17, 00 HR, 5 August 2011

Operations Manager, United Nations, women in Pakistan Plot 5-11, Diplomatic Enclave 2, G-5 Quaid-I-Azam University Way, Islamabad


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