Corporate Responsibility Specialist - Telenor - Islamabad

The task is to establish, implement and maintain internal and external programs / projects that provide lasting community benefits.
Degree (s) / Major (s): Bachelor of Business Studies / Social Sciences
The main responsibilities:
Coordinate and support development projects both internally and externally.
Support the preparation of documents for the project.
Provide administrative assistance to program management.
Control tasks specific to the project implementation and follow up with interested parties.
Ensure communication between all CR programs / projects, both internally and externally.
Develop and maintain effective working relationships / partnerships with stakeholders.
To ensure implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects / programs.
Brainstorm and produce design documents for new programs / projects to improve the CR portfolio.
Knowledge areas:
Strong written, oral and negotiation.
Ability to multitask
Skills in project management.
Rapid response to situations and common sense
Excellent qualitiatve quantiiative and research skills
Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills.
Excellent computer knowledge in general, but specifically in Microsoft Office
Ability to perform analysis and reporting
Team Spirit
Application deadline: 05-Oct-2011
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