PACS Administrator Coordinator - Shifa International Hospital Ltd - Islamabad

Shifa International Hospitals Ltd is seeking a PACS Administrator / Coordinator to take the Master in Computer Science from a reputable university with at least 3 years experience in similar positions.

The candidate must possess the following skills sets

PACS Administration, project management, system maintenance, image and information management (IIM) and the continuity of care.

Safety and patient privacy (HIPAA) requirements, HIPAA requirements, the creation of areas, administrative safeguards, physical safeguards and technical safeguards.

DICOM standards, AE, SCU / SCP, FSR / FSC / FSU, partnership, negotiation, identity, the abstract syntax and transfer syntax.

DICOM messages and the concept of objects. "

DICOM Storage and imaging services STC, MPPS, MWL, etc.

DICOM Print, Query / Retrieve and SR.

DICOM image quality.

DICOM Conformance Statement. By comparing the statements of compliance and gap analysis.

Networking DICOM, DICOM Troubleshooting and HL7V2 & V3.

IHE Presentation, actors, profiles, IT infrastructure, NM and IDPs Profile

Different levels of integration, the integration mode, HIS / RIS / PACS integration.

Linux, Microsoft Windows, Databases (Oracle, MySQL) and open source technologies.

Please send your CV with a recent passport size photograph at the head of Human Resources, Human Resources Development in the Department on October 3, 2011 the e

Interested candidates can also apply via our website or e-mail your resume to

We offer an environment conducive to growth, along with competitive compensation and benefits

Shifa International Hospital Ltd.

H-8 / 4, 44000 Islamabad, Pakistan

Tel: 92-51-4603711

Fax: 92-51-4863182


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