Wanted: Director / Manager Secrity Islamabad

A retired lieutenant colonel, a graduate of the University Command and Staff College Quetta, MBA, BSc (Hons), DAE (mechanical). More than 15 years of service in the Intelligence Service of Pakistan, the Prime Minister as a director at the Center for Counter-terrorism. Extensive experience in dealing with local branches / Foreign Ministries concerned, and dignitaries. Excellent communication skills verbal and written with clarity in English. They have participated in seminars at national / international, visited a number of counters as a member of the official delegation and participated in seminars and discussions of intelligence in national security issues. Extensive experience in conducting sensitive control and staffing and recruitment, capacity building, training, discipline, and deployment of security equipment and Saff and close to facilities and sensitive areas.

Have knowledge of English and Urdu and just knowlesge Punjabi, Pashto and Farsi with knowledge of MS Word and Power Point. Awarded Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (Military), medals for outstanding service and certificates for outstanding achievement in vocational courses.

Phone # +92 51 4347461 cell +92 300 5196272


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