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Islamabad, Thursday, September 29, 2011

Advertisement consolidated No. 9 / 2011

Case No. F4-123/2011-R publicly announced consolidated NO. 08/2011 published in newspapers of 09.11.2011 was re-advertised as new agriculture officers (BS-17) plus 25% of special salary). Permanent Agriculture Department of Gilgit-Baltistan. Minimum grade: second class or grade "C" Agriculture mastery. Or second class or grade B. 'C' sc 9Honds) Agriculture (4 years after the course F.Sc.) Maximum age: 28 years and five (5) years general relaxation. Home: Gilgit-Baltistan Neuf. (Open and eight merit and quotas for women-a) (against the odds deserves open both male and female candidates are eligible)


Economists Group, Planning and Development of BS-18, temporary. Likely to continue, the minimum qualifications: graduate degree or Second Class 'C' Master's in economics or a diploma recognized as equivalent in economics. EXPERIENCE: Three (3) years of experience in the field of economic research, development economics, international economics and other fields of design and development. Maximum age of 35 years plus five (5) years general relaxation. Domicile of Punjab = Two (for quotas for women).

NOTE: - (i) Length of experience shall be relaxed in case of Ph.D. and two years for M. Phil. The condition for the duration of the experiment should also be relaxed by the Competent Authority for the graduates have also found very suitable. (Ii) upper age limit is relaxed to 10 years for disabled candidates for submission of disability issued by the competent authority, namely the Provincial Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PCRDP).

No F.4-140/2011-R case (9 / 2011). Two medical specialists (BS-18 with special treatment 25%), temporal, Health Department, Gilgit-Baltistan. Business Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir Division. Minimum Qualification / Experience: (i) MBBS or equivalent qualification recognized by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council, (ii) degree (a) High graduate in the specialty in question. (B) One year of experience (1) in the specialty in question. Diploma or (A) graduate of the specialty in question. (B) three (3) years of experience in the specialty in question. Age Limit: 25-37 years plus five (5) years general relaxation. Home: Gilgit-Baltistan. (Both male and female candidates are eligible). Note: (i) registration with PMDC required. (Ii) the experience before and after qualification in the specialty is accounting.

Case no. F.4-14/2011-R (9 / 2011). Deputy Director (Network and database), (BS-17) permanently, Lands and Cantonments soldiers, the Ministry of Defence. The second class or a year minimum grade "C" grade of Master of Computer Science / Information Technology or equivalent from a university recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC). Or second-class undergraduate degree or "C" in Software Engineering / Computer Engineering or equivalent in the form of a university recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHE), Age limit: 22-28 years five (5 ) years general relaxation. Address: Punjab (both male and female candidates are eligible).

Case no. F.4-142/2011-R (9 / 2011). Six law enforcement officers (BS-17) permanent military cantonments and the Department of Lands, Ministry of Defence. Minimum Qualifications LLB from a recognized university by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Age: 22-28 years plus five (5) years general relaxation. Home: Merit = One, three = Punjab, Sindh (R)-a and-a KPK. (Both male and female candidates are eligible).

Case No. F.4-143/2011-R (9 / 2011). Associate System Analyst (BS 17 more military engineering services (MES), Ministry of Defense. Minimum qualifications. Degree in Computer Science. Or a degree in an engineering discipline with a diploma or approved course in computer science with three (3) years after qualification experience in data processing and analysis system the maximum age: 32. plus five years (5) years general relaxation of the domicile of Punjab (both male and female candidates are eligible ) ...

Case No. f, 4-145/2011-R (9 / 2011). Thirty-five security guards Assistant / Deputy Directors (BS-16 with special treatment @ Rs 150 / -. H) Standing Airports Security Force, Ministry of Defense. Minimum Qualification: Bachelor. Physical fitness standards: (i) Minimum height: For the "com or 168 female and 5'-2" 5'-6 cm or 157 men. (Ii) Minimum Weight: 106 pounds for males and 48.1 kg and females 45 kg or 99.2 lbs. (Iii) on the chest at least 32 cm for men or 83 ¾ 34 ¾ extended "or 88 cm age limit 20-28 years plus five (5) years general relaxation Home: .. Merit = Three = Punjab eighteen years , Sindh (Rural) = Four, Sindh (urban) = Three = Three KPK, Balochistan = two, one and Azad Jammu and Kashmir = GBFATA. (female quota =). (Except for the rest of Azad Jammu and Kashmir homes both male and female candidates are eligible).

Note: Applicants are invited to submit their certificate of competency issued to the standard prescribed by a physician approved by the application.

Case no. F.4-146/2011-R (9 / 2011). Four security officers / deputies. (BS-17). Permanent Airports Security Force, Ministry of Defense. Minimum qualification / experience (i) second-class or degree of bachelor 'C' is. (Ii) five (5) years after qualification experience in the departments of civil forces / departments of the Armed Forces.

Physical fitness standard for: (i) The minimum height: For "or 168 cm for women 5'-2" 5'-6 cm or 157 men. (Ii) Minimum Weight: 106 lbs for males and 48.1 kg and Women 45 kg or 99.2 pounds. (iii) at least bust. For a man of 32 ¾ or 88 cm. Age: 22-35 years plus five (5) years general relaxation. Home: Two = Punjab, Sindh (Urban) = a = a. and GBFATA (Both male and female candidates are eligible).

Note: Applicants are invited to submit their certificate of fitness issued by a doctor registered with the prescribed medical application.

Case no. F.4-147/2011-R (9 / 2011). Twenty inspectors. (BS-16) Permanent. Airports Security Force, Ministry of Defence of the minimum requirements: Bachelor's Degree. Standards of physical fitness: (i) Minimum height: Male "or 168 cm and women arc 5'-2" 5'-6 or 157 cm. (Ii) The minimum weight: 106 kg for men or women, 48.1 kg and 45 kg or 99.2 kg. (Iii) minimum burst: Male 32 ¾ or 34 ¾ 83 cm or 88 cm Expanded. Age limit: 20-28 years plus five (5) years general relaxation. Domicile: Punjab Merit = two = ten. Sindh (Rural) = Two, Sindh (Urban) = Two, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa = Two = one of Balochistan and AJK = One, (men and women candidates are eligible).

Note: Candidates are invited to submit a certificate of physical fitness of a physician with the prescribed application form.


First STATUTORY GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Application forms and information can be obtained: -

(A) The headquarters of the FPSC, the Aga Khan Road, F-5 / 1, Islamabad (Tel: 051-9212334) FPSC offices in Lahore (Ph :042-99 .260.201), Karachi (Ph: 021 - 99250926) Peshawar (Ph :091-9217337), Quetta Cantt. (Ph :081-9202955), Multan (Tel. 061-9239727), Sukkur (Tel: 071-5630510), DI Khan Cantt. (Tel: 0966-9280284) and Gilgit (Tel: 05811-50687 and 0346-9225098) information centers located at the University of Bahawalpur FPSC, Khairpur, Jamshoro and University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Government College Chitral, DG Khan Azad Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission, Muzaffarabad. O

(B) Download the FPSC website.


2. For the posts of BS-16, the candidates to give applications FPSC prescribed application forms. The application may also be submitted via e-mail or fax, but must follow the submission of completed applications in order to reach the office no later than FPSC ten days from the deadline, otherwise no fax / e-mail applications will be rejected . Changes in demand to make the candidate must be rejected.

3. For the posts of BS-17 and above, applications are submitted online. However, in exceptional cases that are not experiencing serious difficulties to cope with the online application, applicants can apply for application forms FPSC give specific reasons why they were unable to apply online. These applications are accepted subject to the authenticity of the reasons. Applications for these positions subject to this method, without giving any reason not be liable for rejection.

Submitting Claims 4th line: For online submission of applications is the complete procedure is available on the FPSC Web site (link: APPLICATION online). Online submission also has the added benefit of confirming that the request for applicant is received and recorded by a computer generated auto-printed form must be signed by the applicant and sent to reach the seat of FPSC within ten days after the date limit. In case of problems with online access, applicants can contact the hotline on the FPSC Phone 051-9219851 or email webmanagerfpsc@fpsc.gov.pk and webmanagerfpsc@gmail.com

5. If you closed the fall holiday in the balance sheet date would be considered the tenth day after day.

6th Summary dismissal for non-submission of required documents All applications (including submitted online) must be accompanied / followed by the original receipt of the Treasury (filing fee), certificate of authorization house, if service candidates, three certified photographs and certified copies of certificate of residence, national identity card computerized registration / intermediate certificates, Bachelor / Master / M. Phil / PhD Degrees result card, etc., as experience certificates as per specimen attached with the application form, copy / details of publications, as required advertising. In case of failure to submit a document listed, the application should be summarily dismissed and no appeal or petition for review must be entertained in this regard.

7th Government officials who apply through proper channels should also send an advance copy of the application form prescribed by the Commission on or before the deadline to avoid rejection on grounds of delay that can occur in the processing of government channels and receipt of the request to FPSC.

8. Fee: The registration fee can be deposited in the Office of Government Treasury or a branch of the National Bank of Pakistan or State cash authorized to conduct business on behalf of the Government in the head C02101-state and the entities responsible examination performed by FPSC, as mentioned below: -

Posts in BS-16 and 17 RS. 300 / -, positions in BS-18 Rs. 750 / -, positions in BS-19, RS. 1200 / - and the posts of BS-20 and more than Rs. 1500 / -.

Further instructions


I. AGE: FIVE YEARS OF GENERAL In addition to relaxation, the maximum age limit is STILL RELAXABLE in the following cases: -

a. In three years for candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Buddhist Community, recognized tribes in the tribal areas, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

b. For fifteen years, or the number of years actually served in the armed forces to Pakistan if it is less likely to be released or retired officers / personnel of the armed forces of Pakistan.

c. For ten years until the age of 55 government officials years of service who have completed two years continuous public service on the last date for receipt of applications.

d. In five years for the widow, son or daughter of an official who died during their service.

NOTE: - In these cases, applications must be accompanied by sufficient proof of age relaxation is claimed.

ii. EXPERIENCE: post-qualification experience SUBJECT TO THE CONDITIONS announced.

iii. POST Job Description may be downloaded from the FPSC website.

iv. Phone CANDIDATES Candidates are also requested to provide the mobile (cellular) telephone numbers and e-mail correspondence COMMUNICATIONS AND SPEEDY /.



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