Degree(s)/Major(s): Bachelor's Degree CS Certification(s): Solaris, Java Experience Required: 3-4 years

Location: PK
Job Detail:
Functional skills / knowledge areas: 1 Experience in designing an enterprise application to the financial audit, contract management, business processes, integrating business processes, and perhaps components of asset management
2. Experience with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
3. The experience in the architectural platform of J2EE project delivery process
4. J2EE experience in the use of the rich and / or web-client applications, high availability, clustered environment
5. Good communication and interpersonal skills
6. Information Databases, SQL command
7. Knowledge of Tomcat application servers, including server and / or Web applications, Java, JDBC, RMI, Hibernate, XML, UML
8. Exemplary general computer skills (applications development, testing, commissioning, operation documentation, standards, best practices, security, hardware, networking, operating system, DBMS, middleware, etc.)
9. Jurisdiction Unified Modeling Language (UML) for the construction and documentation of software artifacts
10. Hands on operational experience preferably Solaris Unix
11. Knowledge and experience in the development of lightweight, fast, agile methodologies.
12. Experience in estimating and measuring the speed of project
13. The experience of interaction with existing systems and applications integration stages
14. Attention to detail
15. Written, oral communication skills and schematic
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