Laboratory Supervisor - Medicine Sans Frontieres OCA - Baluchistan / Islamabad

OCA Medicine Without Borders is an independent international medical humanitarian organization that works with independent agents. MSF treats patients based on principles neutral, impartial and humanitarian. MSF has worked in Pakistan since 1988.
the mission of MSF-OCA requires a laboratory supervisor for projects in Balochistan and Pakistan:
Purpose of Position:
Maintain the operation and the quality of laboratories throughout the mission MSF supported by Pakistani hands-on control, monitoring and training, logistical and human resource management, logistics, workshops, together with the institution and the project coordinator. Create and develop new laboratory facilities and services agreement with a medical coordinator. End of the workshop headquarters of MSF-OCA of the monitoring process the request.

Job Summary:
laboratory tests · Set (3-4 times a year, well established laboratories), including the plan, which gives rise to different functions within a certain period.
• Training and supervision, including vocational training, ensuring the quality of laboratories and quality control and compliance with SOP monthly MSF-OCA.
• Work closely with expatriates specialized laboratory, medical coordinator, physicians and project coordinators of the project and maintain good cooperation with local health authorities and facilities outside the project sites.
Qualifications and essential skills:
• 2-year-olds Diploma of Laboratory Technician with experience Haematolgy, biochemistry, microbiology and diagnostic procedures for tuberculosis, malaria, HIV and other communicable diseases.
• At least 3 years experience in medical laboratory technician.
• Experience of training, supervision and management (human resources and logistics).
• Work with the hospital experience at secondary or tertiary.
· The logical thinking, good in planning and work independently.
desirable skills required:
° Ability to communicate with the experience of preparing a clear and structured written and e-mails
· Ability computer competent in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlock
° Command good in English, Urdu, Pushto and Balochi.
Place of work: project sites (80%) and Islamabad (20%)
Deadline: May 22, 2011
Applications are invited to apply with a cover letter and resume. Only the winners will be invited for an interview.
Human Resources Coordinator,
36-A Park Road, F-2.8, Islamabad.


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