Head of Marketing and Communications (Exams), Karachi

Company Type: Large International Organization
Salary: Rs 112K to 175K -- based on candidate credentials
Note: Job will require travel within Pakistan

Essential Requirements:
-- About five years (or more) work experience
-- Recent experience in Multinational (or similar) company
-- Experience in Marketing or Brand Management
-- Excellent English-writing skills -- Experience of writing (scope of work for this job includes writing stories)
-- Experience in developing and executing a Marketing Strategy 

-- Experience in Marketing Research

Other requirements/preferences:
-- At least 5 years experience in a managerial role; three of which should
be in a marketing role, preferably brand management
-- Extensive experience in writing stories
-- Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (Marketing qualification)
-- Knowledge of foreign examinations and qualifications, and project
management tools.

Purpose of Job:
To ensure that customers (people whom we engage with internally or
externally e.g. colleagues,
clients etc.) are put at the centre of delivering focused products and
services at the right time, in
the right place and in the most appropriate way.

Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities
-- To act as the national lead in helping to develop and deliver the
annual Exams Marketing Plans within the allocated budgets
-- To gather and apply customer/market intelligence in formulating
both marketing and
customer services strategies
-- To analyze and evaluate actual customer experience against expectations using
feedback, benchmarking and management information and to act on the results
-- To develop stories that can be used in internal and external communications.

Context and Environment
-- The post holder working with a Marketing Consultant will be
required to develop and
execute a marketing strategy for Exams utilizing a budget of in excess
of GBP150k in an
environment where the key product faces a number of challenges
in the form of
an unstable and often negative education policy changes, the
appearance of
aggressive market competitors, the existing challenge of competitors
and an economy in
-- The job will require travel within Pakistan

Key Relationships
-- The post holder will be working closely with the following stakeholders:
-- With the Exams Marketing Consultant, Regional Exams Director’s,
Business, Development Director and Exams Product Managers & Director
Marketing & Customer Services.
-- With external partners with whom we would like and need to work for
mutual marketing
and customer service benefits

-- Making it happen
-- Being Accountable
-- Working Together
(all at more demanding level)

Skills and Knowledge:
-- Excellent written and spoken communication skills both in English and Urdu
-- Knowledge of foreign examinations and qualifications
-- Strong Customer Services management skills including having a clear
and comprehensive
understanding of the nature, profile and demands of customers
-- Knowledge of marketing research tools and methodologies
-- Knowledge of project management tools

-- At least 5 years experience in a managerial three of which should
be in a marketing role, preferably brand management
-- Extensive experience in writing stories

-- Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
-- Marketing qualification


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