Jobs WWF - Karachi

The WWF is a global organization active in environmental conservation
For over a hundred countries. WWF - Pakistan seeks to stop
The degradation of the natural environment and to build planets
future where the human line of harmony with nature.
WWF-Pakistan in collaboration with UN-HABITAT and Coca-Cola
Foundation for a project in Water & Environment
Reclamation of coastal communities in Karachi and seek
persons engaged for the following positions:
Project Coordinator-1 strain (Sandspit - Karachi)
Community Mobilizer (Male) -1 position (Sandspit - Karachi)
Community Mobilizer (woman) -1 position (Sandspit - Karachi)
Job details and application forms, visit
Deadline for submissions is June 12, 2011
WWF offers a challenging work environment where competition
Compensation and is an equal opportunity employer.


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