Claim & Advances Executive

Request for Progress Payment, and Executive

Grad (r) / Major (s): ACCA, ACMA, CA Del Finalist, MBA Finans

Experience: 2-5 years

Functional Skills / Knowledge Area:

High degree of integrity and confidentiality

Customer Focused with a solution-oriented approach.

Detailed knowledge of accounting standards, systems and processes applicable regulatory laws and best practices pervailing on the market.

Doit être capable de travailler de Extreme pressure.

Strong interpersonal - the ability to work and contribute in a multicultural environment.

Korkean Tason energia-ja Motivoituneisuutta, Vahvat kykyä itsenäiseen työskentelyyn

Excellent analytical, presentation and communication

The learner fast, creative, and ability to take initiatives

Flexible and adaptable to change based on business requirements.

Täytyy pystyä haastamaan status quo.

Must have a thorough knowledge of MS Office, ERP and accounting software.

Verse oriented but with the emphasis on the United Nations Achievements In the difficult environment With deadlines difficult.

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