The Polio Eradication Officers - Lahore - WHO - UN

MBBS or equivalent qualification recognized by PMDC

5 years ((public health, preferably in the survey EPI / PEI, and disease)

Under the technical supervision of team leader of WHO for the eradication provincial and federal general supervision of the WHO Representative, the agent for polio eradication will be responsible for all activities of the eradication of polio in the district assigned (s) and perform the following functions:

AFP surveillance

First To support the district health authorities to ensure that there is a system in place to detect cases of AFP and thorough response.

2. Complete the sanitary district officials / staff to ensure the timely efforts to investigate all cases of AFP stool collection and transport current, and take appropriate action to check the results.

3. To make regular visits to places of reporting to ensure that no cases of AFP have been / not been reported.

4. Provide all the AFP cases are properly collected, recorded online, analyzed and interpreted in a timely manner, and sent to the provincial office.

5. Regular monitoring of data quality control in the district (s) of responsibility.

6th Participate detailed epidemiological studies of acute (hot), confirmed and compatible cases of polio and AFP with zero dose of OPV routine.

7. Participating in the training of health workers from the AFP surveillance.

8. Help to ensure the inclusion of all high risk / marginalized / migrants in the monitoring network and all AFP are reported by them.

9th Supporting the strengthening of surveillance of measles and maternal and neonatal tetanus.

Polio immunization campaigns additional (EID)

1. Provide technical support to the pre-campaign including planning, preparation and monitoring of the quality of the area of ​​micro-planning in the Union Council, Tehsil and district levels.

2. Monitor the availability of human and material resources, and provide the necessary support to expand.

Ensure the third selection of vaccinators and supervisors trained in accordance with the guidelines

4th Monitor and support during the pre-campaign for the different categories of health professionals involved in immunization and surveillance.

5. Monitor and supervise the work of all categories of health workers during the execution of the campaign and share the main conclusions and recommendations / action items with the authorities on a daily basis.

6. Controlling the use of resources and the issuance of the report, if any.

7th Participate in the identification and selection of independent observers monitoring relevant to the position of campaign and validity of processes and data.

8th-depth analysis of the post-campaign for independent monitoring of the data after each round of immunization for: a) corrective action according to the guidelines, b) identify issues to be resolved before the round following schedule and c) communicate and help EDO (H) measures required, if any.

9th Support EDO-H and his team in the analysis and Immunization (administrative and monitoring) data and modify operations, if necessary.

Help 10th EDO H to prepare a report to the DCEP in accordance with the Plan of Action provincial and national emergency and seek support from the public sector and NGO / private sector.

11. Give special attention to high-risk groups in all stages of the campaign in line with specific strategies to help people at risk from the Ministry of Health and Agency procurement action plan to eradicate polio in 2011.


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