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Proposed electricity transmission and the first APL

World Bank Loan / Credit NO. PK-7565, Cr NO.4463-4464-AM & PM

The hiring of measurement technology "and meters, the acquisition of communication technology and processing data infrastructures. Management (DAPM) and expert billing infrastructure" Smart Metering for the project from the World Bank

This expression of interest as a result of the General Procurement Notice that was published in UNDB on January 12, 2007 (WB243-695).

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) in the distribution of electricity and the project of improving the transmission (EDIPT) the efficiency of the components has provided the World Bank funding for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) Smart Metering Project half of the scale. Therefore, the Individual Consultant (IC) will be needed to assist in the design LESCO, assessment and assistance in the successful implementation of the project. The expert is considered to have an experience in the count. Communications, data acquisition, processing, treatment, management and billing infrastructure with respect to smart meters.

List the range of duties include the review of specifications for smart metering / AMI, develop evaluation criteria, develop and participate in the formal evaluation of the bids received, supervise the manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning commissioning , monitoring and evaluation, transfer of knowledge about smart meters to the LESCO team.

This task should be completed in 28 weeks is expected to start as the date of November 2011. 28 weeks this will spread throughout the project life cycle at different time intervals ranging from 12 to 15 months. The customer must provide data and information necessary to complete the mission. The offices will also be provided by the customer.

Accountant selected according to the procedures set forth in Section V. the World Bank guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultant Bank borrower, May 2004, revised October 1, 2006.

Tors details, experience and qualifications required, can be downloaded from the website LESCO (

In particular, the IC must have the qualifications and experience, as shown in the following table:

Minimum Qualification
Additional Qualification for extra weight age
Total experience
Minimum experience in the Related Field
Specific Experience
Metering, Communication & Data information Expert
Graduate in Engineering or Science Field
PMP Masters/Specfic qualification in the subject area
10 years
5 years
With at least 2 Projects services manufacturing. Supply installation of smart meter. And experience in contribution to evaluation of bids would also be helpful
The CVs should be forwarded to the office of Chief Engineer Development, 132 KV Grid Station, Bahawalpur Road, Mozang, Lahore on or before 27th October, 2011 dated. Detail TORs is also available at PPRA website
Chief Engineer Development-PMU Office Qartaba Grid Station, Bahawalpur Road, Mozang Lahore.
Ph# 92-42-99214410


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