Wells, Lead Engineer - Mastella Associates - Calgary AB - Canada

ConocoPhillips Canada (CPC) is one of the country? Largest oil S and natural gas production and exploration companies. Based in Calgary, Alberta, they are one of three major natural gas producers with a portfolio of world-class assets in Western Canada, the Arctic, Atlantic Canada and oil sands interests near Fort McMurray, Alberta. Our client is the main tenant of the Athabasca oil sands. With approximately one million net acres in the farms is the CPC well positioned to become a leading manufacturer of in-situ.
This position will report directly to Manager Surmont Phase 2 Wells. You will be responsible for ensuring that all engineering deliverables for Phase 2 period of detailed design produced on time and on budget engineering. This position will be responsible for ensuring that the technical results and plans for the execution phase of drilling and completion of the project is designed so that they can be performed safely in the most profitable. You will represent D & D engineering team at the project level, and ensure that the drivers of the project are properly reflected in the design of D & C and make sure that the D & C technical matters properly brought before the rest of project.
- Monitoring and implementation of all aspects of the integrated management of engineering plan Surmont 2 D & P for both drilling and prefabricated
- Lead D & C technical staff reporting to this position in the detailed design and implementation of Surmont 2-phase program
- Ensure that the project meets all the appropriate offices:
- The company standards
- Regulation
- Fill Surmont 2 D & C Annual Performance team of engineers and compensation reviews, with an emphasis on career development
- Participate in the interface of the technical project partners
- Ensure that the project team is constantly updated on new technologies and believes that the choice of the best available technology, performance
- Coordinate the planning and design, as well as Drilling Completed and superintendents to ensure the ultimate in security, performance and production costs
- Integrate D & C with the design engineering facilities design - Interface Support Engineer
- Assist in the development and safety programs for both detailed design and construction to ensure that all designs can be done in a way that maximizes crew safety
- Development Manager to plan the timing of C & D and integration with the project schedule
- Oversee the production of technical specifications and bid evaluation to support procurement activities D & C
- Participate in:
- The development of control protocols proposed C & D and reports, including benchmarking progress and cost control
- Register development and evaluation of the risk of
- Development of annual budgets and long-term plan
- Develop and implement the comprehensive plan SIMOPS
- Make sure that:
- Lessons learned are captured and shared within the Business Unit and other Business Units of the Company
- Designs and plans are shared with other stages of development to overcome what the total value is maximized Business Unit
- The drawings are shared with groups of business technology, taking advantage of this set of experiences, knowledge and perspectives
The individual
- P. Eng, with a minimum of 10 years experience in drilling and completion of a minimum of 2 years of experience in managing drilling

- Experience in oil sands projects and participation in large integrated enterprise
- Right to work in Canada on a regular full-time without restrictions
- Knowledge of supporting disciplines such as production engineering, reservoir and facilities
- Experience in leading projects SAID
- Experience with large integrated projects in Canada's oil sands and activities with significant requirements SIMOPS
- Demonstration of understanding of the business, including relationships among disciplines, clients, partners, governments and competitors
- Total's commitment to HSE and technical expertise
- Excellent communication skills written and verbal
- Strong computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SAP and many Launcher)
- Ability to deal with a high degree of credibility and honesty demonstrated through ethical behavior
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