Required Performanc​e Engineer

Location: New York, NY

Job Detail:
This possibility is to work in application development team to provide services to project teams on solutions that scale from small departmental applications to large mission-critical applications on the basis of some of the latest application development technologies Occupation: Engineer Performance Software (SPE) is responsible for dealing with performance issues and risk throughout the software development process, particularly before the release. SPE worked closely with all members of the development team, especially developers, to ensure that performance targets are set and met for the delivery of software as they are developed, performance problems are exposed and treated as soon as possible, and causes of performance problems are identified and removed software. Responsibilities • Integrate risk performance in the current risk management process.

• Check the business requirements and performance objectives and turn them into performance targets to deliver software. • Identify the sensitivity of the application architecture and software design of key factors such as sales of home and distortion of information sharing. • Assess', application software and database design options against performance targets. • Profile, characterize and report on performance profiles of the software. • Model and predict the performance of the software against the candidate client platforms. • Review and analysis of performance against forecasts and software to help isolate the sources of operational problems. • developers to help identify new and correct software problems with the implementation of appropriate techniques, such as: performance of unit testing and integration, profiling software. Represent the development of PES in combination with other quality assurance, and infrastructure.
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