Lead / Senior Engineer Platform Houston, Texas

Want to create the latest technology to solve problems with large data? Want to live and breathe technology scalable and fault-tolerant distributed computing? Can you explain the theorem of the CAP from memory, and know when to compromise? Do you want to do all this, the work of a large metropolitan area, and still afford to buy a house?

Lead / Senior Software Engineer working platform to provide advanced technology to Alert Logic, an established and rapidly growing software-as-a-service company located in the Galleria area in Houston, TX. In this role you will manage or participate in one or more of the following technology areas:
Scalable platform to expand our map, reduce

Apply statistical methods and machine learning techniques for analyzing real-time data
Scale of our management technology petabytes of storage, 10 or even 100s of petabytes of data
Solutions for research and development around emerging technology hardware (eg, GPU)
The alarm logic is trying to fill a number of positions and Senior Lead Software Engineer platform immediately in this exciting task. Simplify security and compliance management, providing an integrated solution, consisting of a software-as-a-service products and 24x7 monitoring of security operations services intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment and management of logs.


Passion on you to design and build a stronger ownership decisions Results
8 years of experience developing software on production systems based on Unix, base for the use of large
Skills development expert in C and / or Erlang
Network programming has proven to build scalable network services, fault-tolerant
A solid background in design technology platform successfully used by other developers
Context of systems programming, algorithms, data structures and optimization
Experience with performance tuning / testing
Qualifications required:
Experience in building multi-user or software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and technology platforms
Knowledge of SQL and high volume of transactions
Participation, or experience with one or more of the map to reduce the frames of reference (Hadoop, MongoDB, etc.) or nosql Technologies
BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience
How to apply
Please click the link to apply: http://budurl.com/SPEHTX


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